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Piano Lesson Nine: The Diminished Chord

The Diminished Chord This is comprised of two minor thirds which are built on top of one another. A minor third has exactly three semitones, counting C to C# as ‘one’, C# to D as ‘two’, and D to D# … Continue reading

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Piano Lesson Eight: The Major and Minor Scales

Major and Minor Scales Using Key Signatures. The  last post gave the Key Signatures of all the Major and Minor Scales.  The Key Signature is normally written at the beginning of the scale, although sometimes, the scale is notated without … Continue reading

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Piano Lesson Seven: Complete List of Key Signatures

Howdy Everyone, Bianca Te Tremelo extends a Warm and Hearty Welcome back to our Piano Lesson Site. Here is Pianolesson Number Seven. Today, I am going to give you a Complete List of All the Key Signatures. That is the … Continue reading

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Piano Lesson Six: Time Signatures and Note Values

Howdy Everybody, and Welcome again to our ‘How To Play Piano’ and ‘How to Read Music’ lessons. Keep up that practice, as ‘practice makes perfect’. – Good Wishes with your music education –  Bianca Te Tremelo. Well – here we … Continue reading

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Piano Lesson Five: More Piano Chords

More About Piano Chords:  Today we are going to get our heads around forming chords. We will illustrate just how a chord can be built on any note at all. So far, we have dealt with Major Chords, but as … Continue reading

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