Piano Lesson Nine: The Diminished Chord

The Diminished Chord

This is comprised of two minor thirds which are built on top of one another. A minor third has exactly three semitones, counting C to C# as ‘one’, C# to D as ‘two’, and D to D# or E flat as ‘three’.  This is the first minor third.

From the E flat, we count up three semitones again which brings us to the note F# or G flat. This is the second minor 3rd, which is built on the E flat of the previous minor third.

Example of a Diminshed Chord: If we use note C as our root note, then

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2 Responses to Piano Lesson Nine: The Diminished Chord

  1. Enwerem Ugochukwu says:

    That Lesson really assisted me in understanding more. Thanks,I’m grateful.

  2. Elyssa M. says:

    this was great, thx ;) -El

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