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Lesson Thirteen Fingering Piano Scales On White Notes

Method for Fingering Scales Basically, you use an alternating method of ‘short group’ and ‘long group‘ for fingering scales. The ‘short group’ of fingers is the group including thumb, forefinger, and middle finger. The ‘long group’ of fingers is the … Continue reading

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Lesson Twelve: The Order Of Sharps And Flats In Key Signatures

Easy Way To Remember The Order Of Sharps and Flats In Key Signatures: I recently had a comment from a student which said it would be helpful to have a bit more on the business of sharps and flats in … Continue reading

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Piano Lesson Eight: The Major and Minor Scales

Major and Minor Scales Using Key Signatures. The  last post gave the Key Signatures of all the Major and Minor Scales.  The Key Signature is normally written at the beginning of the scale, although sometimes, the scale is notated without … Continue reading

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Piano Lesson Four: Sharps, Flats and Key Signatures

On Sharps, Flats and Key Signatures. Hello everyone. How are you all going? Keeping up your daily  practice is the main thing. Don’t worry if you do not ‘get’ everything the first time we mention a new term.  There will … Continue reading

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