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Lesson Thirteen Fingering Piano Scales On White Notes

Method for Fingering Scales Basically, you use an alternating method of ‘short group’ and ‘long group‘ for fingering scales. The ‘short group’ of fingers is the group including thumb, forefinger, and middle finger. The ‘long group’ of fingers is the … Continue reading

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Piano Lesson Ten: Build Your Own Blues Chords On Piano

How To Form Blues Chords Playing the piano really becomes fun, when you learn how to build your own chords.  You can accompany yourself singing a bluesey song such as “Jelly Roll Blues”, or accompany another vocalist on a folksey … Continue reading

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Piano Lesson One: The Notes on the Piano

Learning How to Play the Piano:  Greetings to you all from Bianca Te Tremelo. Here we go, our first little lesson on playing the piano. It won’t be hard. We are going to move through the basics slowly and methodically, … Continue reading

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